Second Short Story Published and A Little on Rejection

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My second short story was published a few days ago(my first is called ‘Difference’ and can be found at I’m very excited to have more material out there and to receive a much needed confidence boost. It’s a wonderful feeling to know someone else likes your writing.

My story is called Loss. I would explain it here but I am terrible at writing synopsis, something I will have to learn. It would be appreciated if you could have a read of it and let me know what you think below or on the site it is published on.

Michael C. Pennington, with much appreciation from myself, published my story online in his truly entertaining and inspiring Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy called ‘Aurora Wolf’. My story isn’t exactly sci fi or fantasy so extra gratitude must be aimed at Michael for publishing my story anyway. The journal can be found at and my story loss can be found by following the link

On another note I must say that writing up to now has been something I have found rewarding personally but also be a little brutal. I’m eluding to rejection. Up to now I have written a number of short stories and began the process of ‘doing the rounds’, sending them off to various magazines both online and in print. My rejections exponentially outweigh my acceptances. This brutal but natural aspect in writing can be a little bruising to your ego as well as belief in the words you produce and I have struggled not to take each rejection personally. Periods of time, ranging from days to weeks to sometimes months have passed where I have not written a word. I still read as often as I can but this in itself will not ensuring I progress my writing skills further.

Over the last year I have ‘hardened up’ as such trying not to take each solitary rejection as a black mark against my writing. Reading other blogs, interviews and listening to other writers experiences can be pretty good for the soul. Misery sometimes does love company and many others endeavoring to become published, possibly paid writers, have all had the same big ‘NO’ many times in their careers. Even some famous writers such as Stephen King have had publishers say no to them regardless of their stellar success. So I take heart at the many other stories of rejection and know I am a minuscule fish in a very big pond of rejection.

If you are a short story writer or are using short stories to practice and improve you writing then I would recommend using as a search engine. I costs $5 a month but is worth every cent. It has thousands of online and print magazines, journals and publishing houses that look for every form or writing from poetry and flash fiction up to short stories and novels. It will show you what specifically each mag, publisher etc. is looking for, how long they take to get back to other duotrope users as well as what percentage are personal responses (a little feedback is always nice) or copy and paste responses. I found both magazines (Aphelian & Aurora Wolf) who published my short stories. Google searches and other bigger search engines I found too time consuming. I’d rather be writing. There is also a great section where duotrope interview the publishers asking for details on what they look for.

I hope this helps (a little) with rejection. My own story is wrought with rejection but I’ve had a little bit of success which can be truly heartening. With writing you just need to keep moving forward.


  1. Love it! Sounds so like me David! I will read the short story tonight when I’ve turned away from the world and I’m in my little reading corner with no distractions! Can I just tell you about the book “Writers market” – I have it and I think it will benefit you hugely!


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