Week 2 of Camp Nanowrimo and Story Arrangement

camp nanowrimo

Week 2 of Camp Nanowrimo has been pretty bad for me regarding word count but it will be dragged back from the brink in week 3. A week of awful night shift had to be done but it’s over now for another four weeks and with a few days off I’ll hopefully get back on track.

The writing funk over the last week thankfully is gone… again a big thank you to all who commented on my motivation or ‘lack there of’ post last week. The suggestions were great and really helped.


So now to something else. I’ve recently been changing things up with my writing process as I’ve discussed in a previous post. Redesigning a new process can lead to a fresh approach in story creation I’ve found. The next part I wanted to look at was putting the overall picture together.

Scenes are written which then become chapters. Chapters make up the novel but it’s arranging these scenes and chapters that I am looking at next. Some authors physically write out scenes or chapters on cards, lay them out representing a time line and rearrange as they see fit. I’ve read about other authors drawing pictures, depicting each individual scene developing a story board approach similar to that used in movies. The last suggestion require a bit of artistry and would be a nice idea if I had any. Scrivener lets the user create a cork board with descriptions or scenes and chapter to move around as you see fit which I haven’t used yet but will certainly look at.

In the past I haven’t changed the layout of my stories, I write them down as I want them to appear. I’m intrigued by the way other writers layout their stories whether it’s before or after the story is written. One blog I read recently mentioned how this particular writer writes scenes from her books as they come to her but not in order. I thought this was a fantastic way to write. It would require a really well detailed outline as well as a keen eye for continuity.

Here’s a small piece from writer’s digest online called ‘Donald Maass, James Scott Belland and Christopher Vogler Discuss Story Structure’. The three writers discuss what we aim for overall in a story, regardless of how we put it all together.

So how do you write arrange your story?


  1. I’m still trying to figure this out myself, but I find that a combination of writing out scenes and characters as they come to me while making a detailed outline, then patching it all together at the end


  2. I use scrivener’s cork board mode to map out a basic first act but I rarely stick to it. I’m usually changing things as I’m going along. On top of this, I write out ideas and scenes as they come to me .


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