What’s been happening?

So… the last couple of weeks has been unbelievably poor in regards to my productivity. I’ve written the grand total of 2,000 words… still haven’t finished my novel although I’ve 82,000 words done and haven’t written any blog posts other then the only you are reading noe. My flash fiction ‘Alone’ got some nice feedback though and some great constructive advice which I greatly appreciated. There has also been a couple of nominations for liebster awards which is always great to receive (And I will get onto them shortly).

Now, one reason that I haven’t been writing with the vigor I had in April and the beginning of May is because I am heading back home to Ireland for 6 weeks and then moving back to Sydney (o:
I’m pretty excited about heading home to spend time with family and friends I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s the first time that I have been home to Ireland as well as taking my writing a little more seriously. It might inspire a story or two and with camp nanowrimo coming up in July it will hopefully go hand in hand. I’ll push a nice 80,000 word month… maybe.

The other thing I’ve done is cement a date to get my novel ‘The Vanishing’ to an editor. August 21st is the date. It’s my first time getting an editor to look over my book. It’ll have a manuscript assessment first then editing afterwards. Although I’m excited, I am also pretty terrified to see how my writing is perceived by an editor. My hope is that it improves how I write, pushing me in the right direction towards a better writing career.

So my two month manifesto…

Write at least 100,000 words across my novel, short stories and blog posts.

Read at least 12 books (I have so many more to get through)

Try actively improve my writing but point 1. Should help with that alone

Wow! I don’t have much of an imagination there but I’m sure I’ll flesh out the three activities above a little more.

Lastly I wanted to let people know what site’s and resources I’ve been focused on the last week:

The Walking Dave Podcast

The Creative Penn Podcast
The Self Publishing Podcast
Austin Kleon
Jeff Goins

I hope you find them interesting.

OK until next time… now I have to get going and make sure I get this book out, eventually (o:


  1. What I missed your flash fiction? Will have to dig through and see if I can find it later. As far as editors…what interactions I’ve had (they were limited) were invaluable. Once I got over the shock, I started noticing what I do right and wrong. Please let me know how you fair and if you loved the editor give me his/her details.

    Enjoy the trip home and happy writing….now where is that flash I missed?


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