Short Story: Soul Eater, part 2

Here is part 2 of my short story, part 1 can be found here. Hope you enjoy (o:

Rob threw his fist into the automatic double doors, tearing through them with ease. Glass splintered and was thrown in all directions. The noise caused by the exploding glass startled the killer causing him to turn his gun towards Rob. Three quick shots were fired from the gun. The noise bouncing off the walls on the interior. Two hit Rob in the chest while the last flew wildly over his head. Rob looked down at the two fresh crimson holes in this chest and smiled. He looked up towards the killer as each hole began to heal with muscle and bone knitting together quickly reversing and damage or signs of trauma.

“What the fuck?” the killer snapped. He fired again and again until the gun ran dry. In his new found panic he continued to pull the trigger which produced only empty clicks.

The killer threw the gun to the side and pulled a knife from his waist band. A six inch serrated blade which would have looked more comfortable in the hands of some highly trained SAS soldier and not in the hand of a frightened thrill killer.

“You stay the fuck away,” he said while pointing the knife at Rob.

Rob smiled once more adding to the killers fear. He savored the sense of growing terror in the knife wielding individual standing in front of him. Rob could see the knife begin to tremble a little. As the killers fear grew so to did the dark aura surrounding Rob. It’s menacing ethereal presence floating around him. Rob walked slowly towards the outstretched knife. The killer eyes darted to the cowering presence behind the shelf. Rob could see his intent before he could even enact his desperate plan. Rob looked to the cowering person behind the shelf and could not see it was Lauren. Even in this form he could feel love for her. The Other could not dampen this feeling. He wondered it this was the only reason he hadn’t allowed the other to take over completely.

The killer ran towards Lauren. Using Lauren against him was a smart move, even if the killer didn’t know the significance of her to him. He would never risk her safety for anything. As the killer neared Lauren’s presence Rob moved with preternatural speed intercepting the killer. Rob gripped him by the neck, slamming him back into a wall which shelved chips and snacks. The force dazed the killer slightly. Rob removed the ski mask with his free hand throwing it away from him reveling tightly closed eyes

“Open you eyes!” Rob shouted into the bare face of the killer. His voice was gravely, distant, not Robs but the Other’s being channeled through him. Reluctantly, the killers eyes opened.

“Hey, just let me go. Let me go,” the killer called out through gasping breath. Rob released his grip a little so his prey could breath more easily, whimper a little before the Other fed.

“Dinner time,” Rob said as a sly smile crept across his lips.

The killer realizing he still retained the knife and began driving it wildly into Rob. Into his arm, torso and neck. Each wound gaped open but released no blood. Rob could feel the pain of each strike but unlike the human side of pain which was to be feared and prevented, for the Other it was to be endured and cherished. It was pleasurable to the Other, a truly cathartic feeling. Rob held the killer without flinching. Staring into eyes that slowly grew more and more defeated.

“Finished?” Rob asked before beginning to laugh laughing.

As the killer began to speak, Rob drove his free hand with speed and accuracy through the killer torso tearing though the spongy tissue. The Other’s strength allowed Rob to enter the tissue of the killer as if he were running his hand through thin air. He forced his hand up until it ripped its way trough to the killers still beating heart. Blood fell from the Killer’s mortal wounds soaking Rob and the floor beneath them. Rob finally wrapped his powerful fingers around a heart that had began to slow. He looked into the killers face as he held his dying heart. Blood trickled from the killers lips, his breath was much too shallow and weak to sustain life. His eyes had already begun to glaze over but Rob, or more importantly the Other could tell that a small trickle of life resided deep inside.

The Other had to wait until the very last moment, a moment when the soul was at it’s most vulnerable. Whatever mystery created life and the souls of each living being, it had given it a defense mechanism making it difficult for an entity such as the Other from easily taking it whenever it chose. Only before imminent death could the Other feed. It could feel that moment now approaching as Rob’s fingers felt the final and faint beats of the Killers heart fade. A powerful energy surged up through Rob’s left arm, tingling at first then feeling like painful pins and needles. It was an unpleasant feeling as it rose through his arm ending at the finger tips. Once there it met another energy, a mystic energy known as the soul. An energy that made each life unique. The Other and the killer’s soul clashed, battling momentarily until the Other engulfed the soul. Rob could feel the absorbed soul rush back into the Other, through his body. It felt warm, the pins and needle feeling abated and Rob could feel the Other recede back to where it resided within him. As the dark aura faded also it caused the body of the Killer to dissipate before him. All gore caused by the Other’s feeding disappeared as well. As quick as the Other appeared it had vanished.

As the image of the killer, his blood and other gore shimmered then vanished from sight Rob fell to his knees. He was now fully human again. The Other had gone for now. His rapid breath was ragged and burned as if he’d run a tremendous distance in a short space of time. He felt a little nauseated. As his breath came back to him he tried to stand up, unsteady at first. He inhaled deeply once and exhaled as he turned to look around for Lauren. He knew she would have seen what had occurred and he wasn’t sure what he was going to say to her. Sat in the furthest corner of the store was his wife staring wide eyed at him. Her paler and shocked expression told him he’d need a long time for this to sink in for her.

He walked towards her but her eyes didn’t move from their stationary position. “Hey honey, we need to go, OK?” Nothing, just unblinking eyes while her mind tried to make sense of what had just occurred.

He pulled her up. She didn’t resist. She allowed herself to be led up the aisle and out through the smashed double doors and into the car. After the police had arrived with paramedics Rob had concocted a story about the killer getting away. The police were perplexed as to how the doors were so badly smashed, and from the outside in. What caused the most concern for them was what the four CCTV camera only picked up static for the whole time the killer was inside the store. Rob shrugged his shoulders offering none of the truth to what really happened. The paramedics were concerned about Lauren but Rob managed to convince them that she was safe with him and that home would be best for her.

On the drive home Lauren uttered one sentence. “What are you?”

Months and months of conversation about his nature ensued between them. Lauren wrestled with loving a man who was also some sort of demon. Rob explained that he only felt the need to feed on evil but Lauren couldn’t understand why it was so very violent to do so. Rob told her it wasn’t within his control when the Other inside him fed, he ran on automatic pilot. Lauren slowly thawed to the idea that Rob was somehow a dark avenger, striking at those who enacted evil on the world. She understood why something like his Other would be necessary and soon came to accept it.

That was several long years ago. Today Rob felt the urge to feed. Something was piquing his interest among the holiday shoppers, he just didn’t know who or what.

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