Editor…. I’ve Finally Hired One… Finally

editing, editor

When I decided to first put words into my MS word document I was overcome with excitement. I had grand dreams of one day making story telling my full time career. I have to be honest when I say I was completely naive and didn’t fully appreciate how difficult the industry is for indies and traditionally published authors but I went along for the ride anyway. This led to a 20 months journey where I’ve had short stories published, finished two full manuscripts and started a third. The excitement waned but the love for creating didn’t.

Now I have to admit the initial excitement I felt all that time ago in March 2013 has come back a little because I’ve finally hired my first editor. The conversations we’ve had have been great. It all sounds to be exactly what I wanted and it’s the first professional I’ve have look over my work with a critical eye. I’ll be keen to know where I’ve faltered and where I can improve. In my eyes it’s taking the next step in my writing career.

This is my first experience with editors but let me know what you’re experience has been?


  1. Congratulations. So excited for you. I’ve been a bit disillusioned the last few days about how hard this whole self publishing thing is. However at the same time I still want to write every day. I guess that’s what’s important.

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    • Don’t be disillusioned because I think everyone has times like that regardless of where they are on their journey. I find other writers blogs and podcasts really helpful. Look up J.Thorn, a great horror writer. He’d really candid about his experience and he’s had a whole lot of ups and downs but nowadays he’s one of the big players in the indie scene

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    • I found mine on oDesk.com which was recommended to me by a couple of other writers. I had 20 people get back to me and found someone among them. I definitely be positing my experience on here.


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