New Country, Book Recommendations and the Need to Write Again!

Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cup on office wooden table

Time has flown by too quickly (again!).

It’s been four weeks since I’ve made my move back to Ireland and don’t really know where the time has gone. It’s great being back though a little weird that I’m not getting back on an airplane to Australia, but I can’t complain.

I’ve written very little though over the last four weeks. It’s been pretty abysmal with regards to word count but I plan on changing that. There are two books that need to be written. One, the next installment of Dean Cornell’s series and the next is something completely different. Both are roughly a quarter the way there so there’s still a fair bit of work to do.

The Vanishing has managed to gain a few more reviews which I am delighted about. Anyone who is reading this and reviewed the book gets a big thank you from me. Reviews on Good Reads and have been positive and the book continues to sell. It’s even managed a few reviews elsewhere in the Amazon universe which was a surprise to me.

The one thing I have learned this week is not to let things slip so easily. I’ve completely neglected writing, reading, blogging and simply keeping in contact with people.

A note to self will be to do better next time (o:

Lastly, the little reading I have done over the last few weeks I’ll recommend below.

Mothers: Book One of the Invisibles Series by Michelle Read.
This is a great Urban Fantasy read. This is a genre I’ve never really explored and from reading Michelle’s first book in the series its a genre I’m going read a little more into. Great story here and well recommended.

Adaption: Book Two of the Empty Bodies Series by Zach Bohannon.
Zach’s first book was awesome and I really started to get into the characters. I’m also not a massive walking dead fan either which is a testament to how well Zach has build the story world. I started Adaption and with half of it read, I can say that it’s as enjoyable as book one.

The reading list I have is growing and growing but on top of that pile is:

Black Star Canyon Season 2 by CC Wall.
Black Flame (Death Pope 2) by John Oakes.
Dark Vanishings: Post Apocalyptic Horror Book 1 by Dan Padavona.
Fire Up Your Fiction: Jodie Renner.

Right, that’s enough from me. Now it’s time to get writing!

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